Grandpa didn't play guitar for me on the front porch of a farm house on a dirt road when I was a toddler. But I did learn to read when I was three (not that smart, just had parents who were both readers and spent time with me) and when I got my first record player as a kid I had an Aunt who was in high school and for Christmas gave me albums from James Tayler, Jackson Brown and the Eagles. I was hooked on well-crafted songs early.


Never picked up a guitar until I was playing football in College for a big University in the state of Alabama. I will discuss religion, abortion or politics with you but have just enough intelligence not to get into the great Alabama/Auburn football debate. Let's just say I am in love with the favorite team of whoever is tipping me well at my shows.

Tried for a while to play then quit. Picked it back up, tried again then quit. No natural skills whatsoever. I have this buddy Todd Bell who got a guitar the same time I did in college. He was good enough to be in a band in 6 months. What took him twenty minutes to learn would take me two weeks if I could learn it at all.

Performed my first solo gig at thirty-three and was terrible but my friends drank all the beer in the bar so I got paid and asked back. 

Have been surviving as a performing singer/songwriter for fifteen years. Sometimes they play my songs on the radio. I have performed all over the country from New York to Montana and many points in between. With one of those BIG points in being the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville which was at one time a Holy Mecca of Songwriter for me until the original owner sold it. (that's a story for another time.)

I've opened for Col. Bruce Hampton, the Beach Boys, the Future Birds, the Mulligan Brothers and a few other notables. Phillip Phillips once opened a show for friend and I before Phillip won American Idol. (real solid nice guy by the way who has earned all he has gotten). I earn my skills the hard way.

I identify most with folk/americana/blues/Merle Haggard and Ray Wylie Hubbard. Merle is his own genre and Ray...well he is from another planet. I like a lot of stuff.

Being nice and making people enjoy their evening out is what I am all about when performing at a gig. I might even slip in a song or two that makes people stop and think for a minute. Performing solo acoustic music for a living is all about who you are performing for instead of yourself in my estimation. I am a selfish bastard at home but I live alone and can afford to be.

That's my story in a nutshell as truthfully as I can tell it. Of course crack that nutshell all the way open and a ton of other stuff will pop out like those fake snakes with springs in them. But you'll have to hear me perform before you get all that.

And remember, "I don't play I perform...there's a fucking difference." That is my oldest joke and I never miss an opportunity to wear it out just a little bit more.

See ya at the show!



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